Services Offered

Rowville Pool

  • Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Services including:

– Provision of Specialised Air Control for manufacturers
– Quality Indoor Air for restaurants, clubs & hotels
– Indoor Swimming Pool management of humidity, heating, cooling and ventilation issues
– Meeting the heating, cooling and ventilation needs of all commercial clients
– Providing specialist design and installation of commercial heating, cooling and ventilation systems
– Full System Design in order to make sure the most appropriate equipment is assigned to each individual user
– Temperature control and alarm systems for computer server rooms
– Chiller and Boiler Installations

  • Programmed Maintenance and Service Breakdown of all air conditioning equipment
  • Annual Fire Testing inclusive of Stair Pressurization and Smoke Spill Extraction Systems
  • 24 hour breakdown services
  • Roof Safety, Access and Walkways
  • Auditing and Life Cycle Analysis of Mechanical Servicesmetroaircon